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We offer the most up-to-date technology, design and artistry to create amazing results and boost your confidence. Whether you have full hair loss or just thinning hair, we will match you with the right hair system and program while guiding you along throughout the journey. We start by offering you a  free, personalized consultation.  Then, with your input, we custom design your new hair unit. As you  utilize our  services we will continuously provide caring customer service.

Specializing in advanced, modern, non-surgical hair replacement solution for men and women of all ages, your  hair replacement solution will be  virtually undetectable. We  use high quality natural human hair so it will feel and look like your real hair. There's no cure for hair loss and no way to regrow your hair which is why we make our quality products and services accessible to all.

Our full-service salon provides a number of services including:

*Individual salon rooms to ensure your privacy  

*Cut-ins, styling and blending to help you achieve a     natural look

*Bonding, tape in application and removal

*Ongoing education on the best care and                      maintenance for your hair

*Services for men and women

*Hair toppers

*Walk-In Haircuts

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