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Dr. Phil and Leslie Kidd Owners

As new owners, Dr. Kidd & his wife, Leslie, are very active and energetic in business.  They have ventured into owning 18 different businesses during their 45 years of marriage. Their dedication to customer service and the high quality of their products has allowed them to be very successful in each endeavor.

After experiencing his own hair infusion, Dr. Kidd was amazed that not only did it make him look younger but it also made him feel more confident and secure.

Dr. Kidd's Hair Restoration Center offers our experience and expertise to both men and women suffering from hair loss. Every client that comes in our clinic, from the hard working class to the elite of society is treated with the same expertise and first class quality service.

Dr. Kidd's work ethic is simple.

"Keep the customer satisfied and the company's needs will be met."

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