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Why is my hair falling out?

How much hair loss is normal?

Will my hair regrow on its own?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my hair falling out?

There are a lot of possible causes of hair loss in men and women including: *Physical stress: illness, surgery, or childbirth *Emotional stress: bereavement, big life event, general stress, anxiety or depression. *Thyroid problems *Nutrient deficiencies *Medications and treatments: some medications have hair loss listed as a side effect. *The most common cause of hair loss in men and women is known as male pattern baldness and is herediatary. *Hormonal changes: Pregnancy, menopause and taking synthetic hormones. *Androgentic Alopecia: a medical condition causing total hair loss.

Will my hair regrow on its own?

It depends on the cause of the hair loss. If it is stress or medication it may come back if you can take control of the situation. Otherwise, if the follicle is dead there is no way to revive it.

How much hair loss is normal?

It's normal to lose around 100 hairs per day. While that may seem like a lot, there are around 100,000 hair follicles on your head that are in a constant cycle of growing, resting and falling out. But if you start to notice clumps of hair in the shower drain, in your hairbrush and on your pillow, it's time to get it checked out.

Do laser treatments, oils or pills work?

No, there is no cure.

Is it real hair?

Yes. We use real human hair.

Do you do surgery?

No. We deal with complete non-surgical hair systems. They are called hair systems or infusions.

Does the infusion process hurt, bleed or get infected?

No. It is totally pain free. No cutting, scarring or down time.

How long does this hair system last?

It depends on many factors. Non-surgical hair restoration factors in the type of base, density of the unit and how much wear is occurring. Most websites recommend 3-4 units per year, giving a life span of 4 months. We have found our custom units, with proper maintenance, can last 12 months to years.

What kind of maintenance is required?

Regular appointments are recommended to keep your hair unit in as best shape as possible. Our stylists will work with you to maintain your own hair as well as the system. You can think of us as your new barber or stylist.

Is it expensive?

Quality hair replacement systems range in price. Customization and many other factors determine the price. Check out the local club prices and you will find we are much less expensive than their prices. Please contact us for your FREE consultation so we can determine the best solution for you!

What about insurance? or VA benefits?

Hair restoration is considered cosmetic and not paid for by typical insurance. However, the VA does have a benefit for hair loss or hair replacment.

Will my friends and family be able to tell I am wearing a hair system?

We will match your new hair to your current color, density and wave pattern. Or we can provide you with a completely new look and style. We customize each hair system specifically for you ensuring an absolutely perfect fit. Nobody will ever know you're wearing a hair system.

As a woman what are my options?

You have countless options from which to choose. Style, length, density and wave pattern are all factors. The degree of hair loss will help us decide what is right for you.Our options give you a solution that will build your confidence without the worry of a wig being too hot or setting you up for an embarrassing moment.

What kind of activities can I do with a hair system?

There are no limitations to what you can do while wearing a hair system. You can wash it while showering, swim, work out, participate in all sports activities. Anything you can do without the hair system you can do with the system. Only with more confidence!

How much downtime will it take for the process?

Your first appointment with us is completely FREE and will last approximately an hour. We will explain all aspects of this system and answer your questions. Once your system arrives you can plan for about a 2 hour appointment. You will leave here and have literally NO down time. You will be able to go back to work, sports, school or whatever else you have planned for the day!

Do you do surgery?

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